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.: October 29 2007 :. .: Beware the Haberdash on iTunes :.
Somewhere in Massachusetts — Following many physics experiments at night, Beware the Haberdash now finds themselves searchable on iTunes and other digital distribution spots on the web.

"Like, I did a quick search today, just sort of Googling 'Beware the Haberdash' and all," Lou elaborates. "And I bumped across our CDBaby teaser, a Haberdash PayPlay page, another one up at Indie Music Download, and then the kicker was when I went into iTunes, did a search, and then ... BAM! ... there was 'Sewingbox' ... I couldn't believe it."

More sites that are featuring Beware the Haberdash:
Music is Here | Audio Lunchbox | CD Universe | Newbury Comics | TradeBit


.: October 29 2007 :. .: In the Works :.
Beware the Haberdash plans on remastering any salvageable tracks from their first release 'Inabstentia' and finishing up many of the remaining albums left in chaos and despair over the last decade. Members of Beware the Haberdash are currently writing and performing in other band projects as well, including Clyve + the management, Feature Creep, Orfila, Radio Pu and X Monkey 7. Marco and Lou are also working on the Haberdash-based novella 'Knifeshop in the Bronx' and are blogging away on the recently-launched website about coffee culture appropriately called 'Coffee Thirsty'.

More info at: XeXeX Music | Coffee Thirsty


.: Spring + Summer Notes 2007 :. .: The Haberdash on the Web :.
Beware the Haberdash is out + about, all around on the Web. The following list covers some common spots to check out:

Beware the Haberdash on The Boston Phoenix Band Guide
Beware the Haberdash on Pure Volume
Beware the Haberdash on MySpace


.: January 9 2006 :. .: The Haberdash Photo Flickr Archives :.
Middleton, Massachusetts — Not many people realize that Beware the Haberdash delves into many outlets of creativity. Sure, fans know The Haberdash for that unique, otherwordly sound they continually conjure up through their recordings and live appearances. But only the true fans + friends of The Haberdash know about the literary exploits of the group ... and the numerous photo exhibitions put on by Beware in the Greater New England region and beyond.

Recently Beware the Haberdash has put together a Photo Flickr archive that will grow and expand with time. Some older photos will be added, and new ones as well ... we hope you enjoy some of the recent practice photos with Deb + Marco as well as some of the classic photography that Hyung Park put together for the oringinal 'Those 7 Days of Loneliness' photostill series ... and some of the award-winning photography of frontman Marco D'Amico as well ... check it out ...

View some photos from the Haberdash Photo Flickr archives >>


.: October 17 2006 :. .: The Haberdash Announce a Little Shoppe :.
Middleton, Massachusets — Hot on the heals of The Haberdash appearance in Jamaica Plain at The Wonderbar, Beware the Haberdash open up a Cafe Press online shoppe to push some merch and spread the good cheer. "We're starting off with a small batch of items, hoping to get some sales of the holidays this year. We'll see what happens ..." says booking manager Candi. "If we get alot of sales with what we got goin' on, then we'll realy dig into the archives and see what sort of trippy stuff we can some with."

Visit the Beware the Haberdash Online Shoppe now >>


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