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.: September 2 2006 :. .: The Haberdash Announce a Wonderbar :.
Middleton, Massachusets — Following the release of their CD compilation album 'Sewingbox', Beware the Haberdash are proud to curate and present a show on Friday, September 22 that they call 'The Haberdash Twilight Wonderbar at The Midway Cafe in JP'.

The Haberdash agent and booking manager Candi talks a bit about how this all came about ... "Well, sometime midAugust here in New England ... Lou bumped across an opportunity to throw together an emergency gig for The Midway. He gave a call to Marco, now out in Seattle with his project Orfila, to make arrangements to get The Haberdash and others together for the show. A few quick phonecalls, a barrage of emails ... and a little conceptualizing, and the show came together to be what it is | will be ... today. Well, not today, on the 22nd ... you know what I mean? Hold on, I have a call ..."

The line-up is now set in stone, or at least on paper and in email ... and on the calendar listing of The Midway.

No Pilots | No Demos ... an electronica and pop outfit that sometimes bends off into experimental improv sessions will be joined by Walter Wright of The 119 Gallery up in Lowell Massachusetts. W2 will be projecting video with his proprietary 'VideoShredder' ... "videoJamming", as he calls it, to the sounds of NP|ND. Should be an A|V dream come true on at least 7 different levels.

The Collective brings their spokenword shock poetics to The Wonderbar. Rumor has it that they will hit the scene with a potent 20 minute set that just might make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up and sway.

Uncle Shoe and VoigtDog take you back into the dimly lit corners of Tin Pan Alley with a sampling of song and dance from their latest release, Carve Dat Possum. They aims ta tease, and please please please they soitanly will ;] ... "At once boastful, humorous, opinionated and romantic" ... Uncle Shoe will knock your socks off and make you tap them barefooted toes ta the beat of yesteryear and other eras buried deep in your subconscious. But keep an eye on those shoes of yours — they don't call him Shoe for nothin!

Michael Gurry adds a touch of modern rock to the mix @ The Wonderbar. Originally from Detroit, Mike has rocked all over this fine nation or ours ... hitting LA and now gracing the Boston and NYC music scenes, gigging and touring in support of his recent solo work. Previous project include The Syndicate, Sm3ar, Exit and Justine Blazer.

Beware the Haberdash just released 'Sewingbox' ... it's out and available for purchase on CDBaby, select Newbury Comics locations and The Tower Records in Harvard Square. The Haberdash will not only curate and produce The Twilight Wonderbar, but will perform a batch of songs from 'Sewingbox', 'Inabsentia' and from other affiliated projects { Orfila and Clyve + the management }.

And MASCARA ... still hot and bothered from tearing up TT the Bears in Central Square in August ... will bring their avante rock power trio to The Wonderbar in support of their new EPCD 'Spell' { also available on CDBaby }. Recently accolades for 'Spell' put it to you like this ... "These songs spell out one desolate, strong, angry, thoughtful, vulnerable story". MASCARA is just ripping the scene to shreds with their 'Theatre du Rawk' ... oftentimes blending a completely modern rock sensibility with homage to their classicRock influences. Most powerful ... stupendous ... unlike anything else out there I assure you!

So please, come one and all to The Haberdash Twilight Wonderbar at The Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain on September 22. We're still squaring away the cover charge, but the show is 21+ and the doors open between 8 and 8:30 PM. The Haberdash will be giving away varied promotional items via raffle { raffle tickets are part and parcel of the cover }. Here are some links to explore, to find out more about the amazing nite we have planned and all the incredible area talent that will be so graciously 'bringing it' to the stage.

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